Mesozoic Splendor – Thesis Collection

This is a 5 piece collection that was designed, developed, and built entirely by me from sketch to finished garment. It was inspired by the textures and shapes of dinosaurs and their fossils.
Evening wear designer, Hiroko Suzuki, presented this collection with the Hiroko Suzuki Evening Wear Collection Award in the spring of 2009.
The 5th piece, the bridal gown, was constructed using only cotton textiles and won 2nd place in the Cotton Inc. Cotton Evening Wear competition.

  • Role Concept, Design and Construction
  • For Pratt Institute
  • Type Garments, Illustration

Fin Dress Front View

Dino Skin Dress Front View

Trilobite Dress Front View

Scales Dress Back View

Bridal Gown Front View - Awarded 2nd Place in the Cotton Inc. Cotton Evening Wear Competition Spring 2009